Day in the life…

Chicago bound Malachi – the importance of data-driven decision making in triathlon training and business… Patients-Count by Mobius Vendor Partners Sponsors Triathlete Malachi Henry Spotlight the [...]

Bold Travel!

Boldly Goes Mike – to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Day 2 Mike heads to the first base camp Experiences steady rain for four hours Arrived at Machame Camp with an elevation of 9850 feet. Words from [...]

Day 2 Highlights

Boldly Goes Mike – to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Day 1 Mike made it to Arusha – some flight delays of course On to Tanzania Took inventory of gear then Cardio workout – 11-mile bike ride for [...]

the Bohlsen Group

Bob Kobek continues the excellent Bob Cast interview series with Vicki Bohlsen President of the Bohlsen Group. Vicki discuss the B-Corp process The Bohlsen Group is a unified marketing agency [...]