Mobius Vendor Partners President Bob Kobek Reacts to BBB Report on Timeshare and Vacation Club Sales

Indianapolis, IN (Thursday, June 22, 2023)Bob Kobek, President of Indianapolis-based Mobius Vendor Partners, who also serves on the Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)® Serving Central Indiana, has shared his reactions to a recent study from the Better Business Bureau entitled Unpacking timeshare and vacation club sales, by Brian Edwards, BBB International Investigations Specialist.

“The BBB mission is to promote trust and business integrity. While its latest study does give a thorough overview of timeshares, the various timeshare structures, and the pros and cons of ownership, its perspective doesn’t consider that timeshare owners view their purchase very positively,” said Kobek. “What we at CustomerCount®were particularly pleased with is the first of BBB’s ‘Recommendations for the Timeshare Industry.’ The statement refers to the importance of surveys. The number one recommendation to timeshare companies is to ‘create a system for immediate feedback on timeshare presentations to ensure no unethical or deceptive practices occur during a pitch meeting.’ (page 7of the study)”

“Wait no more!” says Kobek.  “CustomerCount is just that immediate feedback system and is already being used by scores of timeshare industry developers to measure sales and service.”

Mobius Vendor Partners (MobiusVP, LLC) is a business process design, management and performance improvement firm specializing in the development and deployment of patient, consumer and employee satisfaction and feedback surveys.

Despite statistics that 90% of owners rate their overall ownership experience as Excellent, Very Good, or Good, (aif-2022ownersreport, American Resort Development Association),  the BBB document still harkens back to general lack of education among much of the vacation industry and non-timeshare owners.  If more developers employed surveying the sales process along with the post stay analysis, the BBB implies the needle of negativity could move.

“We’d be happy to discuss and demonstrate how CustomerCount can help sales management measure their results, track specific sales associates, and even follow owner behavior from initial marketing contact to use,” Kobek adds.

The study also points out the significant perils of the ‘timeshare exit’ companies and the many ways the timeshare owner is deceived. “Helping timeshare owners avoid scams is a big part of what we do at ARDA through our Resort Owners Coalition (ROC), our Ask ROC! hotline, and the Coalition for Responsible Exit,” says Justin Vermuth, ARDA VP of State Government Affairs & Deputy General Counsel. “Feedback from timeshare owners can be key to staying ahead of the bad actors,” he adds.

In 2021, Mobius Vendor Partners was the recipient of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics and Commitment to Customers, which recognizes companies throughout North America that maintain an outstanding dedication to upholding ethical business standards and promoting trust in the marketplace – a rare accolade for a Business-to-Business (B2B) company.

Mobius is an active member of several community and industry organizations, including the Indy Chamber, OneZone Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Technology & Innovation Association (ITIA), Conscious Capitalism’s Senior Leadership Network, the Beryl Institute, the American Hospital Association, and the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD). Mobius  is a member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA).  Bob Kobek sits on the ARDA Membership Committee,  and is a founding member of the ARDA Women in the Industry (WIN). Kobek has also served as the Interim President of the American Teleservices Association.

Mobius Vendor Partners is also an Industry Partner for the Computer Science Industry Partnership Program (CSIPP), which is part of the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Department of Computer and Information Science in the Purdue School of Science, to help train and inspire the next generation of technology professionals.

Read more about our comments on the study here(link).

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