Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Mobius’ Employee Experience – EX Consulting supports your goal to ensure an effective employee experience strategy. From assessing current staff sentiment to managing recommended improvements, Mobius can help you motivate your team to higher productivity, greater retention and engagement.

In addition, using CustomerCount®our proprietary measurement and feedback system, almost all our conclusions are based on our extensive business management experience and true measurement of the current processes. 

Employee Experience (EX)

What it feels like to work for an organization is a more accurate and reliable predictor of staff engagement than measurement through participation. Employee experience can best be assessed through the measurement and compilation of the organization’s operating tenets like:

  • Environment and Culture
  • Communication and Networking
  • Total Rewards Structure
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Wellness

When measured and assessed as a holistic employee experience, a clear picture emerges and the actual staff value proposition can be tied directly to productivity, retention, customer experience, and bottom-line profitability. Positive employee experience also leads to effective performance across the organization.

An effective employee experience strategy encompasses establishing, measuring, and driving people-first solutions based on a myriad of key performance indicators, such as:

  • Environment and Culture: How it feels to be part of an organization, how decisions get made, and how behaviors are rewarded
  • Communication and Networking: Effectiveness of internal employee communications and ease in navigating internally to drive results
  • Total Rewards Structure: How total rewards programs & initiatives are aligned to meet the basic, intermediate and advanced needs of employees and drive desired behaviors to achieve results
  • Technology and Innovation: Evaluation of whether employees have the tools and resources necessary to perform successfully and feel encouraged to innovate and solve problems.
  • Wellness: Assessment of whether employees are engaged in wellness programs supported by the organization, to determine whether staff are “wellness-smart” and its relationship to medical claims.

Our Employee Experience Process includes the following two critical phases, with the third as an optional phase:

Employee Experience Assessment

Phase 1: Assessment with Recommendation

What to Expect During the Assessment Phase

Whether assisting clients with designing new processes or improving upon existing ones, the assessment phase begins by identifying targeted processes where there are either assumed or known gaps.

Identified metrics include but are not limited to the following:

  • What is its purpose?
  • What is the impact to the employee and is it valued?
  • What organization goals and objectives does it support?
  • What are its key performance indicators and are they being met?
  • What are process outputs and are they meeting objectives?
  • Are there points of redundancy within the process?
  • Do employees involved in the process buy-in and align with its purpose and goals?

Employee responses to these questions and other targeted inquiries lay the appropriate foundation for identifying potential positions that will drive greater ROI either by designing new processes or improving upon the existing ones.

Utilizing CustomerCount – our highly customized proprietary measurement tool –  we evaluate the current state of the employee experience and the perception of employees on a variety of topics such as:

  • Environment and Culture
  • Communication and Networking
  • The Total Rewards Structure
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Wellness
  • Other employee related topics

The intent of the assessment phase is to move beyond understanding employee experience by identifying opportunities for improvement and determining where to focus leadership time, effort, and financial impacts that will have a positive employee ROI. 

Deliverable: A comprehensive summary of results including gaps and trends of results with recommendations for deeper focus.  

Phase 2: Design & Consulting Services

With highly reliable data, new process requirements and/or current procedure performance, good decisions about effective methodology design can be made. The activities associated with process design efforts are based upon the findings from data collection, measurement and assessment.

When building new or augmenting existing processes. Mobius documents relevant components (i.e. activities, objectives, outputs, key performance indicators, staff and technology requirements, etc.) during the engagement’s design phase.

Process flows are generated as applicable to provide visual representation of the process design and recommended improvements. As applicable, projected qualitative and quantitative improvements in process performance are documented during this phase.

Deliverable: Mobius will coordinate and host a discussion with your organization’s decision makers to present key findings from the assessment initiative and offer initial process improvements and operational improvements to drive consensus and agreement on go-forward initiatives. 

Employee Experience

Phase 3: Deployment Consulting

Based on the results and recommendations of the assessment, Mobius will consult and assist in the deployment of agreed upon process and operational recommendations.

Consideration is given not only to how recommended activities and infrastructure components may best be implemented, but how the changes can be effectively communicated to ensure acceptance by key stakeholders.

Change management is a critical element in this part of the process. Mobius is keenly aware of it, plans for it, and helps you manage it.

The action plan that is delivered at the end of the deployment phase prioritizes recommended actions based upon their dependency upon one another. The plan is as detailed as our clients require and usually includes actions, tasks, assigned resources for completion, and key project timelines and milestones.

Deliverable: A project plan based upon a consensus of how to best proceed with the implementation of the agreed upon processes, which includes key milestones, measurements of success, timelines, project management communication plans, etc.. This phase will be jointly managed by Mobius and the client dedicated project manager.

Phase 4: Ongoing Management – optional

Mobius has the resources to supplement your organization’s efforts by providing project management or specific task completion support.  Whatever your needs to ensure the meaningful ongoing success, we assist. Short term, or long.

We provide resources to assist your organization on a longer-term basis with managing the on-going performance of targeted processes. Many of our clients have secured our assistance in the continued management or performance of key initiatives, operational processes, or special project-based initiatives.

Deliverable: Ongoing oversight and management (strategic and tactical) of implemented new or augmented existing programs and initiatives.