Employee Experience

Employees are the lifeblood of service.

They play a significant role in shaping your customer experience, delivering brand promises, enhancing core service quality, and driving continuous innovation.

In the service, healthcare and hospitality industries, frontline employees are the primary source of customer insight due to the first-hand interactions with customers and familiarity with their expectation.

From a customer experience perceptive, employees contribute to understanding customers’ experiential needs, designing, or delivering brand experiences.

Seen as internal customers, employees experience the brand they affiliated with in the same way as customers do. So, as you measure and monitor the experience of your customers, a business should check and address the experiences of their employees.

By understanding the employee experience and recognizing their needs, a business can motivate employees to deliver the right brand experiences for their customers through enhancing value-added offerings.

With Employee Experience Management tools from CustomerCount and our sister company, MobiusVP, a business can invest in their brand by supporting their employees.

Survey companies

Employee Experience with CustomerCount

Capture feedback directly from your employees

CustomerCount’s secure and customizable employee experience surveys help you gather, analyze, and report data on your employees to help you:

  • Attract better candidates
  • Improve onboarding
  • Improve employee retention
  • Boost productivity
  • Determine employee motivation
  • Understand employee expectations
  • Lower attrition rates and
  • Create the ideal workplace
  • Determine learning gaps

Enabling employee feedback at every milestone within your business not only improves efficiency, but can have a direct impact on your customer experience too.

Employee Experience with Mobius Vendor Partners

Build effective employee experience strategies

Data collection and analysis through the CustomerCount platform is just the start. Let Mobius Vendor Partners take your EX to the next level.

Mobius’ Employee Experience – E/X Consulting – supports your goal to ensure an effective employee experience strategy based on the data. From assessing current staff sentiment to managing recommended improvements, Mobius can help you motivate your team to higher productivity, greater retention and engagement.

Almost all recommendations and conclusions are based on our extensive business management experience and true measurement of the current processes.