Data Collection and Feedback

MVP’s cutting edge, state-of-the-art, technology solution – CustomerCount® – was originally introduced in 2007 to collect, measure and report user feedback through the use of branded, customized online surveys. Survey elements are designed specifically for the client’s unique needs and are focused to measure the quality of the experience across your organization’s primary touchpoints.

Key features of our data collection & feedback services include:

  • Survey Element Design & Development Consulting including drafting of survey data points & response trees, recommending use of aided or unaided response options, developing aided response lists, evaluating effectiveness of open-ended response, and advising on question variation based on site or segment
  • Drafting of respondent invitations and platform hosting for email, URL or SMS deployment, customized to follow selected color palette and style protocols
  • Programming and Deployment Testing to ensure appropriate survey length and to maximize participation response rates
  • Optional Text Analytics (powered by Keatext) focused on evaluation of open ended free text responses and identification of correlating patterns.
  • Optional Trip Advisor and other rating sites direct access for reviews
  • Measurement, Analysis and 24/7 Reporting includes access to a broad suite of customized reporting options, on-demand reporting, integration of results for Salesforce users, and real time alerting allowing for prompt response to emergent user issues or concerns
  • Program Launch and Training

The CustomerCount feedback solution is customized to measure touchpoint interaction across various experience-based focus areas, including:

  • Employee Experience
    • Recruitment & Onboarding
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Benefit Assessment & Satisfaction
    • Gamification
    • Exit and Departure Management
  • Healthcare Patient Experience
    • Contact Center Interaction
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Post Stay and Post Visit
  • Hospitality Guest Experience
    • Contact Center Interaction
    • Tour, Presentation and Sales Process
    • Gamification
    • Guest Satisfaction
    • Post Stay
  • Contact Center Experience
    1. Measure VOC
    2. Process improvement centric
    3. Compliance solutions
    4. Measure patient journey

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