Do Your Employees Believe that Your Organization 
Shows Concern for their Wellbeing?

By Michael W. Hill, Mobius Vendor Partners Executive Consultant, Birkman Professional

If your employees feel that your organization doesn’t care about their wellbeing, their production will suffer and the overall performance of your organization will then suffer.

With some employees working full-time in the office or full-time remotely or a combination of both, it’s very important to show them that you care.

We all know that employees need more than just a paycheck to perform at their best. It’s been well documented that employees need the following: competitive salary and benefits, work-life balance, opportunities for growth and development, positive work culture and relationships, and recognition and appreciation.

This may seem like a lot, but the outcome for the organization far exceeds the time and effort it takes to address these employee desires. Most companies are already addressing some – if not all – of these needs, so to take the next steps and address the ones that may have been overlooked is not that difficult. 

In fact, research by Deloitte¹ found that “nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience very important (42 percent) or important (38 percent), but only 22 percent reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience.”

Let’s take a look at each of the areas we have identified as being important to your employees. 

  1. Competitive salary and benefits
    This is pretty much a given. If your employees don’t believe their receiving fair salary and benefits, they will use your business as a steppingstone to find a more competitive workplace. 
  2. Work-life balance
    This is a tough one these days. Companies need to really evaluate their business to determine what they can offer employees and still stay competitive in the marketplace. They then need to go find those employees that are a “fit” to the organization’s structure. 
  3. Opportunities for growth and development
    Having a wider set of skills allows employees to do their job better. Employers who provide growth opportunities, are finding that their employees feel more loyal to the company and work harder. 
  4. Developing a positive work culture and relationships
    This comes about by being very intentional with your core values and culture initiatives. Creating a positive work culture will inspire your team and help your organization thrive. Another plus for developing this type of workplace culture is that it attracts the types of candidates you want for open positions. 
  5. Recognition and appreciation
    Your employees want recognition that is authentic, equitable, embedded in company culture, and personalized to the individual. Recognition like this leads to an environment where both employees and the business thrive.

So, you might be wondering: How do you know when you are meeting or even exceeding your employees’ wellbeing?  You need to ask them. Do not assume you are addressing their concerns without asking them.

You may want our help

At EmployeeCount by Mobius Vendor Partners, we have the software to measure whether you are addressing the wellbeing of your employees. After measuring it, we can help you put together the program(s) to address those areas that need attention. Learn more here.

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