Do your employees believe they are getting the flexible work options they desire?

By Michael W. Hill, Mobius Vendor Partners Executive Consultant, Birkman Professional

Since the pandemic, employees and employers have been exploring the different options to get their work done. The debate between remote work versus office work has been one of the hottest topics for a while now.

What some companies and some employees are finding is that there’s no one universal answer. Some jobs lend themselves to be accomplished outside the normal “office setting,” while others need that office setting to get maximum production. The same is true with employees. Some find themselves very productive doing “remote work,” while others need the office setting to be productive.

 Anyone working with teams knows the importance of the in-person setting. You increase collaboration, mentoring, and an overall sharing of ideas, and you create an environment to establish trust. It’s been said you can only build trust in a face-to-face atmosphere.

What became very obvious to some companies when workers went remote was how productive some employees could be and how unproductive others were. (The 80/20 Rule)

What’s on the horizon? An article on the economy in Time Magazine on March 25, 2024, sites a global survey of CEOs that found almost two-thirds expect a full return to office by 2026. The article goes on to state that fully remote working opportunities are drying up. So, if you are one of those employees that is currently working remotely and you love it, you might want to start looking for one of those companies that is going to stay with remote workers.

So, what does the future look like? Some companies, the Time article states, including United Parcel Service are requiring employees to work on premises five days a week. Disney and Meta require their workers to be in the office three or more days a week. JP Morgan Chase is among the firms that have called back senior execs five days a week, and other employees three.

 The answer to the solution to your company’s position needs to be well thought out. Maybe a survey would help? You might be making some assumptions that are just not correct! Some of your employees may want the structure of an office setting. Some of your employees may currently be looking for employment elsewhere because you have called them back into the office. You don’t know until you ask!

You may want our help.

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