BBB Tip Corner: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

By Jennifer Adamany, Director of Communications, Better Business Bureau Serving Central Indiana

Bad reviews can happen to any business, and how you respond matters. 

Don’t be tempted to include a non-disparagement clause in your contracts, no matter how damaging negative reviews can be. Such clauses can erode consumer trust and could land you in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission. 

Whether good or bad, honest reviews should be welcomed as an opportunity to build trust. Should you receive a negative review, BBB offers these tips for how to handle them:

  • Respond promptly to negative reviews.
  • Be respectful when responding to negative comments.  
  • Be sure to claim your business profiles.  
  • Tell the customer how to contact you.  
  • Businesses can remove or prohibit reviews that are considered abusive, vulgar, or threatening.  
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews on  
  • Give it time.

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Mobius Vendor Partners is proud to be a member of and partner with the Better Business Bureau to help strengthen our business community. For help with your customer feedback management, contact Mobius Vendor Partners here.