Adapting to Adversity

By MobiusVP Sponsored Triathlete Dr. Malachi Henry

Sports, business and life are all about adapting to adversity. We all have setbacks throughout our journey and this year, my setback is a hip injury that will derail what was looking to be a promising year.

This injury will result in a surgery that will sideline me for weeks from walking, let alone training.

I never want to take long breaks; never want to lose fitness, but the hand has been dealt and now it is time to look forward and set calculated goals.

I will measure my swim fitness with times, my bike fitness with power numbers, and my run by pace. I will set monthly goals depending on my rehab to make progress and keep moving forward, while being smart and not getting injured.

Measuring my progress as I recover from this injury will be more important than ever.

First up: Walk two weeks post op!













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