Do Your Employees Feel That You Are Listening To Them?

Why is it so hard to listen? One reason might be that our minds are elsewhere.

We may be thinking about what we want. We may be thinking about how we can get the talker to change their mind. We might be distracted, thinking of other topics than the one the person talking is talking about. Instead of fully listening, our minds are racing ahead to think of what we want to say.

All the above are just excuses, and that is a shame. When you listen attentively, chances are you will learn something. You might even hear an exceptional story.

You have heard it over and over, the majority of workers 80+% feel disengaged in the workplace. One of the commonly cited issues lead to this engagement is the employee’s complaint that their employer is not listening to them.

How can listening to your employees help your company? Genuine listening improves the employee experience,builds relationships, boosts workplace morale, resolves conflicts, helps develop self-reliant employees, keeps friendships, and can help make a career, and it helps with overall employee retention. And, you’re investing in your most valuable asset, your human capital.

Listening is a skill, and the good news is that, like any skill, you can accomplish it with a bit of practice. Here are different strategies you can use to be a better listener:

1.Listen without judgement or criticism. As soon as you start judging the other person, you become a less effective listener.

  1. Face the speaker and maintain eye contact
  2. Don’t interrupt
  3. Ask questions for clarification or understanding
  4. Always ask more questions

The most successful people I know are good listeners; they ask questions and are always interested in what others, and I have to say. Your employees are your companies closest contact to your customers and to the day-to-day activities of your company. Shouldn’t you be listening to what they have to say?

In conclusion I go back to the title of this article: “Do Your Employees Feel That You Are Listening To Them?”

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