Issue # 2 Survey Fatigue

By Bob Kobek, President of Mobius Vendor Partners

I rarely hear from people who say, “I always take surveys.” In fact, I really would question the mental acuity of anyone who tells me they take every survey they are presented with.

I hear a lot about survey fatigue, and it is very real and very avoidable if you are the one deploying the survey. Fatigue is very prevalent in the health care sector, particularly with the CMS surveys.

According to McKinsey & Company, survey fatigue refers to a lack of motivation to participate in assessments. It can impact response behavior, leading employees to be less likely to participate in a survey or complete it accurately. Contrary to a common belief, survey fatigue is not primarily driven by the number and length of surveys deployed. Instead, the perception that the organization won’t act on the results plays a significant role. Survey fatigue? Blame the leader, not the question (

Also, consider the following:

  • How often are you sending? Timing is critical.
  • How long is the survey? Keep them short and concise.
  • What is the affinity of the respondent? Did they buy/not buy? If there was a transaction, when was it?
  • How often have you surveyed the respondent?
  • If it is online, is the invitation and purpose clearly stated?
  • Is it simple to read and easy to navigate and does it contain device recognition?

A great rule of thumb is to assume fatigue BEFORE configuring your survey.

FACT: Yul Brynner played King Mongkut in The King and I 4,625 times on stage. I have to bet he was fatigued every time, but his preparation before he stepped on stage was likely well thought out and very disciplined.

Apply the same principles to your survey design, and you too can overcome fatigue!

Like with other survey myths, if you want to avoid common pitfalls and generate better results, seek professional expertise for your customer feedback management. Contact us at Mobius Vendor Partners to get started!