What does it take to win the CEP Award?

By Georgi Bohrod, RRP and WRAP member

Merriam-Webster defines a winner as “one that is successful especially through praiseworthy ability and hard work.” This is also a great definition of the attributes of the recipient of the Annual CustomerCount® Customer Engagement Professional Resort Trades (CEP) Award which will be awarded at the end of the year.

More specifically, the five judges reviewing the nomination applications have carefully detailed guidelines to establish the winners of the CEP Award.

With two components, a numerical rating portion and a narrative section to support the nomination, our judges will look to the narrative to provide detailed insight regarding the team member’s performance and contribution. Their goal is to establish the ways in which the candidate’s contribution has impacted the team, company, and/or community.

Nominations for the CEP Award will be judged using a rating rubric to ensure objectivity. Yet, as clearly defined some categories on the judging matrix may be, the narrative may end up being the deciding factor as to who is the overall winner.

Areas of contribution may be extraordinary interactions with members/guests; remarkable improvements in on-site ratings of the resort; innovative training techniques and outstanding social media mentions and reviews.

Nominations should focus on the performance of Resort Managers, General Managers, Assistant Managers and consumer facing team members such as Front Desk and Contact Center employees.  The candidates should exemplify contributions to the success of the company in an exceptional manner.  As with any blind judging process, the more detail provided the better.

The winning customer engagement professional and their company/resort will be profiled in the March 2020  issue of Resort Trades. Two trophies will be presented; one for the company and one for the individual CEP Award winner.

To submit a nomination fill out the online form.

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