Who we are

About Mobius Vendor Partners

Through its internal resources and access to outside expert resources via alliances, Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius) possesses the human and technical resources necessary to effectively meet business clients’ needs. As a business process design, management and performance improvement company, we help our clients increase efficiency and effectiveness to gain positive, bottom line impacts. Our experiences include, but are not limited to the development of:

  • Strategic and tactical business plans, goals, objectives and Key Performance Indicators
  • Direct marketing processes, especially those involving inbound and outbound call center resources
  • Operational processes within service industries for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Quality control standards, measures and processes
  • Marketing, sales and service initiatives

Recent Success Story

We invite you to learn how we have assisted some of our clients to achieve their targeted goals and objectives. Read all about our most recent success stories here.

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Our Mission & Vision

Mobius VP, LL is a consulting firm with a culture of demonstrating respect for our clients and our partners. 

Our goal in every engagement is to earn the loyalty of both and to use our business to foster positive and sustainable processes to benefit our clients or environment and our responsibility to our duties as responsible corporate citizens. 

We believe our clients’ loyalty is what ensures the continued long-term success of our company.

We accomplish this mission through a focused vision:

  • Staffing projects with seasoned and experienced executives. All of our executives had significant business and decision-making experience prior to joining Mobius.
  • Tailoring Scope and Deliverables to Specific Requirements
  • Maintaining Alliances with others whose key skills may be required in any given project. We do not profess to maintain on staff experts in all fields. Where necessary, we source and manage that expertise for you.
  • Ensuring Execution of Recommendations. We are willing to take responsibility for our work and recommendations by staying involved. In many instances, we maintain ongoing operational responsibilities on behalf of our clients who may not be ready to hire a specific executive position.