Making the most of consumer touch points

by Bob Kobek, president of CustomerCount®

There are many consumer touch points a resort property can have with their owners, guests and renters. Reservations must take place whether that is done online or via telephone. And this interaction and customer engagement between your property and the consumer can provide valuable information about that experience. You just have to ask.

A simple customer feedback survey about the book process would be able to determine:

1. Was their reservation handled in a timely manner?
2. Did they find what they were looking for in accommodations?
3. What type of time interval are they looking for in a stay?

Once the reservation process has been completed, you wait to receive the guests for their vacation stay. And this are other consumer touch points you can exploit.  After all, it can’t hurt to send them some communication. Find out what they are interested in doing while at your property and provide them with the information.

Customer touch points on resort

Then, the consumer comes into direct contact with staff at the entrance, welcome center and, possibly, sales people when arriving at a property. Every employee can make a difference in making a positive impression on the consumer that this stay will be pleasurable.

I find that if I call the front desk or restaurant and the employee has a pleasant demeanor and goes the extra mile, my perception improves each and every time. When I fill out my survey, I will look back at the many interactions with resort employees I had during my stay. Great customer engagement at these important touch points cannot be underestimated.

If I go outside my unit, I’m most likely to see a grounds person, housekeeper, or maintenance employee. A simple “Hello” goes a long way. And I will remember that brief interaction when completing a survey or comment card.

Employee interactions can set the tone for a consumer’s expectations about the resort they are staying at. I believe that happens in person and via the telephone and email. Employees should be trained to embrace every opportunity they have interacting with customers to improve customer engagement.

Not only will this increase employee loyalty, but it will also increase the number of surveys completed by consumers. As we know, this  is always a task. Keep surveying your customers and don’t forget to communicate with them saying that their voice was heard.

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