The importance of customer feedback management

By Emily Collins, WRAP partner and CEO of EVC Marketing

Collecting customer feedback is critical for the long-term success of your business. Top performing companies understand the important role customer feedback plays in business. And yet, so many others choose to ignore it. They believe instead that returning customers must be happy customers (or at least paying customers).

At CustomerCount® we know finding out what your customers really think, what their experiences are with your company, and what they’re saying about you can:

  • Increase customer retention;
  • Improve customer loyalty;
  • Tackle negative sentiment;
  • Help you develop better products and services; and
  • Improve and measure customer satisfaction levels

Business today can only stay ahead of the competition by asking the opinions and views of their clients, listening to feedback (both prompted and unprompted) and then acting on what they’re told. Putting your clients and their feedback at the heart of your business and across all departments is key to business success today.

Customer Feedback Management is crucial for customer satisfaction

Of course, customers can still use your product or service and be unhappy about it. They come back to your resort year after year, use a certain exchange service or fly with a particular airline. But how many do so grudgingly, complaining on sites like TripAdvisor, social media and review sites? How much damage is that doing to your brand?

Without regular customer feedback as part of your reputation marketing plan, you’ll never know how satisfied or not, your customers are. This leaves you wide open if, and when, a business crisis arises. It also means you are making business decisions in the dark. How can you adjust and develop product and services if you don’t know what the customer needs?

The enterprise feedback management system from CustomerCount will help you do just that. Working with our team, we will develop a program that gives you tangible data and insights you can use every day in your business.

About CustomerCount’s Feedback Management

If you’re looking to find out what your guests think about your brand, then CustomerCount offers a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution. With detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities, CustomerCount’s feedback management identifies the issues, builds customer loyalty, and improves your bottom line. Contact Bob Kobek now by email or by telephone on 317-816-6000 for further information.

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