Bob Kobek Vlog 5 – Employee Experience (EX)

October 29, 2020: CX + EX = Success

External #customerexperience (CX) + internal #employeeexperience (EX) equals success.

COVID has changed the way we view customer experience and service. But what about employees – the internal experience team?

There’s been a trend to consider the mental and emotional health of staff. But the impact of internal staff on customer loyalty should not be taken in isolation.

1. Is your #customerfeedback treating the symptom rather than the root of issues?
2. Would your employees recommend you to friends, family?
3. Are you confident about the answer?
4. Can you identify: Employee loyalty and positive company culture?
5. Do you understand the impact of #employeeengagement on recruitment and productivity?

Courtney Scott believes Customer Experience and Employee Experience are not only related, but they also feed each other. She believes internal and external sentiment should be measured using the SAME technology.

Can you measure #CX and #EX?
How can CustomerCount® help with your EX?
What is your experience as an employee and a leader?
What is your organization doing to ensure the internal environment supports the desired customer experience?

CustomerCount can help. Call Courtney Scott on (317) 816-6000 to learn more about our Employee Experience program.



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