EX: where external + internal customer loyalty pays

The external customer experience (CX) + internal employee experience (EX) equals a winning solution.

It sounds like something you would learn on your first day of business school. But that doesn’t make it any less relevant, especially in these COVID-dominated times.

When was the last time you looked at the correlations between the emotional health of your internal customer base (your employees) and external customer loyalty?

If you’re like most organizations, your focus has been on external customer satisfaction and employee engagement in isolation, as if the two were not related.

CustomerCount’s Courtney Scott believes that the two are not only related, but they also feed each other.

Courtney Scott Employee Experience“Customer and employee engagement are the proverbial chicken and egg question – which comes first?”

Scott recommends they are looked at together – as a “circle of life” for an organization.

Could that change how you motivate employees, solicit feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and change the landscape of fiscal health of an organization? Scott believes so.

“How can you be sure the internal and external voices are in alignment if we are not measuring using the same methodology,” Scott challenges.

Alignment internally and externally means a bridge has been built leading towards a sustainable and scalable business model which fuels growth through engaged employees and customers.

However, many organizations use feedback to respond to a specific issue or audience. They treat the symptom rather than the root of the problem.

The traditional approach is to use customer and employee feedback to fuel customer engagement initiatives. Then build a culture around employee motivation programs aligned with core values. However, the outcome of the feedback is looked at within the confines of the stakeholder base.

Scott recommends a more collective and holistic engagement strategy. One where employee engagement drives customer engagement and customer engagement drives employee engagement.

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in some way. There is not an organization that has not had to pivot in response to the global pandemic. Organizations have had to move workspace online, fluctuate headcount to respond to external demand, and transition corporate culture and values to a virtual experience.

The landscape has changed; thus, the experience has changed.

Understanding both customer and employee experiences (EX) in this new environment provides clarity to the sustainability of a business. It identifies where there are potential opportunities to take a more in-depth look.

As organizations try to figure out what their desired future state looks like, customer and employee dedication could be competitive differentiators. This is especially so when coupled together for a holistic approach.

Customer-focused organizations ask their customers if they would recommend their product or service to others. Scott asks: “Why not ask employees if they would recommend you as an employer to family and friends?”

Insight into the emotional health of an organization can help leaders understand:

  • Employee loyalty
  • Dedication
  • Willingness to give discretionary effort

These all have a significant impact on the bottom line in terms of turn-over costs to recruit, replace, train, and on productivity. It also identifies support for creating the desired workplace culture to fuel organizational strategies and business objectives.

Traditionally, employee engagement focuses on expectations, which are often formed based on individual preferences formed out of personal experiences.

Furthermore, expectations may (or may not) be realistic.

Scott believes leaders should seek to understand their employees’ experiences (EX), tailored to motivate and encourage the desired external customer experience. As a result, a clear path emerges to increased loyalty and engagement from internal and external customers.

How can CustomerCount help with your EX?

What have your experiences been as an employee and as a leader? What is your organization doing to ensure the internal operating environment supports the desired external customer experience?

CustomerCount can help you find out. Contact Courtney Scott or Bob Kobek today on (317) 816-6000 to find out more about our Employee Experience (EX) program.

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