Customer Feedback Management & Brand Reputation

It’s often not what you say – it’s the way that you say it.

How do you speak to your customers? And, importantly, how do your clients speak to, or about, you? Do you know?

The major issue with business-focused digital marketing such as:

  • Social media;
  • Blogs and articles;
  • Website content; and
  • Email marketing

Is that your tone of voice may not reflect HOW you want the reader to receive your message.

Video and, of course, face-to-face conversations will clearly add those missing content elements – facial expressions and body language.

Reviews, complaints, surveys responses and negative social media posts are all too often remote and protected by a degree of anonymity. It is without question far easier to be critical when not having to engage in a live or face-to-face conversation.

Worse still, those posts and negativity may not be directed SPECIFICALLY at you, but to a more general and wider audience.

And that recipient audience may well exclude you from any future sales opportunity – without your knowledge of their existence.

You lose the sale without even knowing that a potential new client existed.

There are several key issues here:

  1. Do you know what is being said about you, your brand, your products and services?
  2. Have you identified not only what is being said, but the SENTIMENT behind those comments?
  3. Do you monitor, listen, respond and engage?
  4. Does your content marketing speak to your target audience?
  5. Do you have a 5-Star reputation?

Are you part of the conversation?

Your brand reputation is more important now than ever before. And in today’s fast-paced, always-on and immediate digital world, are you prepared to be ready or to react when the reputation need arises?

Have you prepared a plan, a strategy, a response team and do you understand the difference between reputation marketing and reputation management?

And, of course, where does Customer Feedback Management add that extra missing piece of your brand strategy?

CustomerCount’s customer feedback management delivers so much more than a basic survey can provide.

Working in association with our expert partners, and EVC Marketing, CustomerCount delivers a complete package of support tailored to provide the data you need to develop, increase or even repair your brand reputation.

The combination of these systems and strategies provides insight into:

  • Customer Feedback Management Systems;
  • NPS Scores and Sentiment Analysis (across 50+ review platforms);
  • Brand Reputation Management;
  • Content Marketing strategies; and
  • The potential opportunities real-time data analysis can identify.

Working with our clients the key questions to start the process include:

  • Do you want to improve the customer experience you offer?
  • Will you listen to what your customers are really saying: when, how and where?
  • Can you want manage and improve how your brand is seen online?

And the answer to each should always be yes.

Building brand reputation builds brand credibility.

Brand credibility promotes your expertise, your authority and trust.

Expertise, Authority and Trust, abbreviated to E-A-T, is a key feature of the Google Algorithm and how and where your brand, products, services and marketing content are visible.

Your clients and potential clients are talking and not necessarily to you.

Do you want to be part of the conversation? Of course, you do.

For more information on how CustomerCount can help you achieve a 5-Star reputation contact Bob Kobek on [email protected].

And don’t forget the upcoming CustomerCount webinar where we will provide professional insight into:

  1. Customer Feedback Management Systems
  2. NPS and Sentiment Analysis
  3. Brand Reputation and Content Marketing strategies

Register now for this live webinar event on June 16 at 11am EST (4pm BST).

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