Use multiple question types for granular survey data

In order to better understand the overall experience a consumer has with your brand, you need granular survey data. One way to achieve this is by incorporating multiple question types into you survey.

Collecting customer feedback to gauge their satisfaction is generally accomplished by asking the consumer a question. Then, having them rate their experience using a five, seven, or even ten point scale. The answers to these types of questions are valuable to an organization as it provides a good overview. But does not get to the root of why the consumer had a favorable or unfavorable experience in transacting business. By adding in different question types, you are more likely to receive the data you are looking for.

For example, use a rank order question so you can understand what that consumer views most important to them when doing business with your organization.

At CustomerCount® we would even suggest incorporating a verbatim question afterwards. This will allow you to hear firsthand from the consumer why they thought one answer versus another is more important to them.

In doing so, an organization can better understand customer purchasing preferences. And, perhaps the type of customer experience they desire in web chat, e-mail or dealing with a call center representative.

We rarely have a client using just one type of question. This is because we want our clients to conduct a deep-dive and get actionable granular survey data. Then they can determine what will make that customer buy more product and encourage their friends and family to do the same.

Stop the boredom

Having a variety of question types gives the appearance of a well thought out survey. Just ask yourself, how many times have I received a survey where all the questions are the same? I bet more times than not you receive a survey with just a scaled answer distribution. Pretty boring…

So next time you put together a survey to obtain customer feedback, throw in a couple of different types of questions. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the feedback you receive.

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