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Based on the work of Anita Toth in her article: Ultimate Guide To Customer Feedback

In the final part of our mini-series, Customer Feedback and Data Types, based on the article of Anita Toth, we look back at the different types of data a business can collect – and explain how CustomerCount can help you.

As Toth says, making strong business decisions is challenging when faced with mountains of data and KPIs derived from general inquiries to your customers. In fact, it can be very difficult to discern data that is relevant, therefore actionable, from data that is irrelevant, or “so what”.

The CustomerCount team agrees that not all data is created equally. However, while the information generated from deploying regular NPS, CES and CSAT surveys is broad it can:

  • Identify trends
  • Indicate loyalty
  • Suggest future revenue
  • Reveal important indicators of any issues in business.

They, therefore, have a place in your marketing and customer feedback strategy as a provider of valuable data.

Bob Koek, CEO of CustomerCount, explains: “The issue here is this is not general data. It can be very specific when segmented into very finite reporting.”

Of course, data collected from surveys, focus groups and interviews is far more powerful. They are the true Voice of the Customer. The data collected from these activities help businesses make important strategic decisions.

The more intimate your knowledge of your customers, the greater your confidence is in making decisions that will retain customers and ultimately increase revenue and profit.

Companies that create strong data collection methods relying on General, Medium and Deep Data make more confident business decisions with better outcomes. These companies retain their customers longer. And they avoid making costly decisions that are ill-informed by poor data.

How CustomerCount can help

As anyone with interested in customer feedback management is aware, there are myriad service providers available. Some are free, some purport to be free until you try to access some important feature (like customization). While others are unnecessarily complicated and expensive (well, they do have to pay for the advertising).

CustomerCount offers a fully customizable (as standard) customer feedback management system that is cost-effective, regulation-compliant and cloud-based. Clients can deploy regular surveys and customer feedback requests via text, email or through your website.

Whether you are looking to gather General, Medium or Deep data, the CustomerCount system can collect and manage this data. Then our experienced team will work with you to understand what the results are saying.

This is what sets CustomerCount apart from other providers.

Once you have your Net Promoter Score, for example, the CustomerCount team will be able to tell you:

  • What the score means
  • If your customers are loyal – or not
  • If there are key problems in your business that you can fix
  • How your score compares with others within your industry or sector
  • What your NPS means for your business

The same personalized service is available for Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Experience – and every type of general data customer feedback activity you deploy.

Customer feedback

Medium Data Collection – no problem

Want to dig a little deeper and gain Medium and Deep data? Then CustomerCount can help with this too.

As you know from our previous article, Medium data comprises customer feedback techniques where the respondent is able to answer open-end questions in their own words. They typically take longer to answer and give greater insights into what individuals are thinking.

Toth explains: “The more opportunities for someone to respond in their own words, the deeper the insights”.

If analyzed correctly, responses to open-ended questions can also be categorized for themes which can be tracked over time. Unlike General Data which is numerical and can be easily plotted on graphs, changes in themes over time require monitoring which needs to be added and deleted as patterns are noticed.

Changing themes are a good indication of how customer needs, desires and wants are shifting and can be very useful in making strategic decisions.

Surveys are the most common type of Medium Data. Surveys can be created for a number of reasons such as gathering feedback on new product features or services, or for giving clarity on a specific issue.

The importance of Text Analytics

CustomerCount’s integration with Keatext Text Analytics ensures that the data collected by surveys with open-ended questions is easy to analyse and understand.

Keatext is an AI-driven text analytics platform that instantly processes unstructured feedback. It enables a business to dive into the data and find key insights right away from within the CustomerCount dashboard. Keatext includes automatic comment grouping, opinion and sentiment analysis, advanced data visualization, and powerful trend detection.

Bob Kobek explains: “Our clients can now view reports, using our 70+ reporting templates, that have evaluated patterns within survey comments, clearly highlighting which word and phrases are most used and in what context.”

And this data allows you to implement actions for improved customer service and satisfaction.

Analyze your Deep Data with CustomerCount

Finally, for those looking to collect deep data through interviews and focus groups, CustomerCount can help.

We will work with you to identify a professional interviewer for your specific product, service, sector and location. All data will then be uploaded into the CustomerCount system with the results available in over 70 report templates. Again, the team will work with you to identify what the data has shown, what your customers are telling you and what the issues are.

It’s because of the time and effort involved in collecting Deep Data that the information gathered is the most insightful and the most valuable to any business.

Companies that create strong data collection methods relying on General, Medium and Deep Data make more confident strategic decisions with better outcomes. These companies retain their customers longer. And they avoid making costly decisions that are ill-informed by poor data.

CustomerCount can support you every step of the way. Give Bob Kobek a call today on +1 317-816-6000 to find out more.

About Anita Toth

Anita-Toth-Customer-Feedback-DataAnita Toth is a customer retention/churn consultant to growing B2B SaaS companies. She believes that businesses that care about their customers, care when they lose them. Anita also believes that most customers don’t want to leave but are forced to because of poor customer experiences. In the future, the winning companies will be those that give excellent customer experiences and put the customer at the center of everything they do. Grab Anita’s Ultimate Guide to Customer Feedback or read her other articles about bettering customer experiences and keeping customers longer.

You can read Anita Toth’s full article here:

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