Where oh Where is Our Customer Feedback?

Where oh Where is Our Customer Feedback?
By: Marc E. Carlson
CustomerCountSM Business Relationship Manager

Have you ever worked on a project that would benefit from data from your customer feedback program and not been able to obtain the information or find out who has it? I bet it happens more times than not and you are not alone. Customer feedback data is generally housed in one or two departments within an organization and those departments rarely share this data enterprise wide unless a request is received. Just think how much more efficient your organization would be if customer feedback is on a shared enterprise platform where designated individuals from each department can access feedback to make strategic decisions in a shorter period of time. Review the capabilities of existing vendors helping your organization obtain and report on customer feedback and whether or not the information can be delivered using technology, or an Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) system versus distributing the information via an email or hard copy reports. If your current vendors do not provide a seamless process of driving customer feedback results enterprise wide, I suggest you look for a new vendor so you can continue to maintain market share…because your competitors are looking at this strategy right now.

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