Customer Feedback Critical for Contact Centers

Customer Feedback Critical for Contact Centers
By: Marc E. Carlson, RRP
CustomerCount(SM) Business Relationship Manager

In the contact center space there are a lot of statistics being monitored, and those generally focus on KPI’s of the call agent.

What about the feedback from customers? Is this an area that is receiving enough attention? Typically the “C” suite views customer feedback as an expense versus how it can drive additional revenue. Why else would they not invest in a tool for gathering and reporting customer feedback?

Whether you have a contact center internally or you outsource inbound and outbound calls or you are a contact center providing services to a client, one of your top priorities should be monitoring what customers are saying regarding their interactions with your organization.

Saying you are a good contact center is one thing, but proving it with hard numbers is another. Too many outsourcers believe that if customer feedback is to be collected, it will be implemented by the client. Think about how, if you had third party data giving you insight into what the customer thinks can be useful in winning new business. If you are outsourcing call functions, don’t you want to know how your customers are being treated on the phone related to their particular issues? I am surprised more companies that outsource call functions do not have a clause in their contract that if the customer feedback being received shows below minimum acceptable levels, that you have “X” days to bring that score(s) up or you lose the contract.

What do you think?

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