Customer Service Seals the Deal


Customer Service Seals the Deal
by: Matthew R. Morris
ISOM Manager, CustomerCount©

Recently I went in search of a new vehicle that would serve as the preferred choice for family road trips. Since my significant other has decided that she prefers to sit fairly high up where she can see things around her we decided that we were either looking at a GMC Yukon or a Chevy Tahoe. With this in mind I scoured the internet and came up with 4 to 5 vehicles that we decided were worth looking at. We ended up narrowing the search down to two different vehicles. Our first choice ended up not happening because of very poor customer service and unwillingness to even listen to us. Needless to say we will never go back to that dealership again.

Much to my surprise we encountered the exact opposite at the second dealership. We were greeted promptly when we walked in and the gentlemen asked if we were looking for anything in particular. We told him that we were interested in the Grey GMC Yukon Denali and he very quickly retrieved the keys and let us take it for a test drive. During the test drive he did not talk about the vehicle but wanted to know about us and why we were looking at this particular vehicle. He was extremely pleasant and acted very genuine. Once we got back we knew that was the vehicle we wanted so we began the process of dealing. We informed him that we had a trade and he took all the info to his manager. When he came back the figures were not what we wanted and instead of like the last time we got this far he looked at us and said “What is it going to take for us to get you into this Denali?” We told him and he said let me see what I can do. We waited a bit and he then came back and presented to us a deal that work with our budget. Not only did he go the extra mile to try and help but he did so with courtesy respect. Bottom line is that we will be going back to this person when we decide to trade our other vehicle. This place surpassed customer service on the sales end. Now let’s see how they do on the service end when I take the Denali in for maintenance.

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