Good Customer Service Builds Customer Loyalty


Good Customer Service Builds Customer Loyalty
By: Marc E. Carlson, RRP
CustomerCount© Business Relationship Manager

Last week I placed a carryout order with Jason’s Deli near our offices. The order was for a couple of sandwiches and sides so I did not think it would be difficult to fulfill correctly. Upon my return, I noticed that both sandwiches were missing a variety of condiments which produced a bad customer experience as I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into a roast beef sandwich with swiss cheese. Afterwards, I called to inform the deli that my order was taken correctly and written on the receipt I received but somewhere in the process of producing my order there was a short fall. Now at this time, I am curious to see what type of problem resolution protocol Jason’s Deli has to address my bad experience and the solution to this customer issue.

The young lady on the phone mentioned sending out new sandwiches to me at no charge which was a nice gesture, but I had already consumed the sandwich brought back to the office. Then the young lady said they could give me some of the money I spent back to me. Not a bad solution, however I really did not want to travel back to the deli. As a last option, the deli employee asked if I would like a card for a free meal and drink in the future. I said sure and was informed the deli would send the card via mail. Well, to my surprise, I received the card via snail mail and it came two days after the ordeal.

I am so impressed with the responsiveness and problem resolution that Jason’s Deli has me leaning more towards a loyal customer versus a satisfied customer. The customer engagement I experienced from the deli employee was superb! Beginning with the initial phone interaction I had with her discussing my negative customer experience to the end result which was receiving a handwritten note on Jason’s deli stationary apologizing for my inconvenience giving me a free meal upon my next visit. This experience shows that good customer service builds customer loyalty on consumer at a time. Who do you think I am going to call the next time I want a deli sandwich?

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