Boneheads and Knuckleheads


Boneheads and Knuckleheads
By: Robert A. Kobek, RRP, President

I shred, hide, have insurance just in case, and still my private identity information is now somewhere in the underworld of theft.

It seems some bonehead working at my current health care provider left a laptop in their “locked vehicle and the bag contained our computer server back-up media”. Further, they inform me that after careful review, “the back-up media may have contained your name, address, date of birth, social security number, medical record number, insurance information and/or some clinical data”.

The process of ensuring my privacy then was delivered to me, regular mail in this letter (as if there is no sense of urgency). Whatever bonehead left the laptop in a car with my information was matched by the knucklehead that designed the process of protecting me. They suggested I “consider contacting the three credit reporting agencies” and consider enrolling in a free one year membership to a company that would provide me credit monitoring capabilities.

Their screw up ended up being my problem. How is that even close to gaining customer loyalty? It certainly does engage me, though not in the way any business would want. Anyone care to wager they will or will not send me a satisfaction survey to find out just what I think of the process?

The bonehead should be flogged. The knucklehead should be fired. They should both be held to ridicule and a lifetime sentence of having their faces painted red and paraded around the center of every urban city in the United States, all 50 of them.

The service I receive at this provider isn’t all that great, and certainly not worth the risk of being idle. I may not change providers but I am sure going shopping!