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Boldly Goes Mike – to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Day 2

  • Mike heads to the first base camp
  • Experiences steady rain for four hours
  • Arrived at Machame Camp with an elevation of 9850 feet.

Words from our intrepid mountain climber:

Day Two:
Today we started our five-hour hike and headed to the first base camp called Machame Camp. The first four hours it rained heavily on us. Most of the trek today was all uphill with multiple switchbacks. With it raining four hours out the five hours of our hiking, the terrain was slippery, making it difficult to keep our footing while navigating the steep trails.

We arrived at Machame Camp with an elevation of 9850 feet. Once we arrived at the camp site, our porters had already set up the camp, the tents were built, and dinner was being prepared. Gratefully we were able to take some rest time rest time before discussing our itinerary for the next day. Tomorrow, we will trek 5-7 hours to the next base camp, Shira Camp 2. Excited for a new climate tomorrow; today was a little chilly, colder than I thought the first couple days of days would be. Still in awe of the natural surroundings.

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