Day 2 Highlights

Boldly Goes Mike – to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Day 1

  • Mike made it to Arusha – some flight delays of course
  • On to Tanzania Took inventory of gear then
  • Cardio workout – 11-mile bike ride for cardio workout

We made it here to Arusha! I started my journey to Africa with the first flight from Indianapolis to New York. We had some unexpected flight gate change on our connecting flight in Amsterdam, giving us all slight heart attacks on our luggage and hiking gear. Everything worked out and we had our bags once we got to Arusha.

We were taken to Rivertrees Country Inn that is located in Northern Tanzania just outside the bustling safari town of Arusha. Rivertrees looks out toward Mt Kilimanjaro. Having the mountain in view really puts the mountain size into perspective and adds even more excitement for this journey. We all checked in and met with Thomson Safari Tours. We did one last itinerary walk-through of each day on the mountain, laid out all our equipment we brought with us for inspection and gathered our rentals from Thomson Safari.

Once we finished the Trek Briefing, we got to explore the property of the lodge and the village of Arusha. For a little cardio workout, I took a 11-mile bike ride through the villages; we saw beautiful fig trees, the lifestyle of the village and of course Kilimanjaro standing powerful in the distance. Seeing the mountain makes me even more ready for the journey ahead.

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