Business is not a sprint, it’s a triathlon

Business is not a sprint, it’s a triathlon…

(Malachi continues training ahead of win in Indianapolis)

Coming off a big win at the Indianapolis Olympic Triathlon on July 31st, Malachi earned himself a “recovery” week as he continues to prepare for the Chicago Triathlon. Nonetheless, he is still working hard to keep his body in prime shape for his upcoming athletic feats.

What does a recovery week look like for a professional triathlete?

Malachi follows a strict regimen with various workouts, including biking, running, weight training and swimming. Malachi’s coach, Mueller, writes that his program is based on the previous microcycle’s training statistics. Keeping up to date and on top of progress is a key factor of Malachi’s training program.

Not only does he track his workouts using a mobile app, but he journals his sleep, food, and water intakes as well as his overall feelings within the app. Coach Mueller then looks at the logs each day to week and makes modifications based on Malachi’s perceived efforts as well as his physical performance. Tracking an athlete’s regimen and journaling their experiences can transform how they interpret their efforts, allowing them to train harder for longer while also providing coaches the opportunity to optimize their microcycle for a competition week.

We can learn a lot about business and running a company from how a triathlete trains and competes. Always remember that business itself is not a sprint, it’s a triathlon. To be successful, you need to measure everything along the way and make continual adjustments and improvements. Knowing how to measure and manage your data can be the difference between 1st place and last place.

 Could you keep up with Malachi during his recovery week?

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