How customer feedback fuels our innovation

By Yuri Duncan, WRAP Partner and CEO, Buchanan Creative Solutions

The dictionary provides a simple and succinct definition of the word “innovation”: a new method, idea, or device.”

Here at CustomerCount®, your feedback is our roadmap for providing you a customer feedback platform that evolves and adapts to your needs. After all, what kind of a customer feedback company would we be if we didn’t listen to our customers?

We value our client feedback so much that we use it to guide our innovations and enhancements. 

Unlike many companies where customer requests for service are seemingly lost in a sea of bureaucracy and red tape, we respond to your needs immediately and treat every customer request as an opportunity for improvement and enhancement.

Our innovation efforts across the last few years have embraced the definition of Innovation in virtually every way.

Starting with a “new method”, we enhanced our Text Search capabilities through Keatext v2.0.  If you aren’t using our Text Search capabilities, you’ve not armed yourself with one of the greatest customer feedback tools available today.

We partnered with Keatext because they are the leader in Artificial Intelligence driven analytics, and their recent enhancements are now available to our CustomerCount clients.  Our shared desire to provide you with the latest features and benefits of text analytics drove us to upgrade to their greatest platform yet.  Innovating with an eye on new methods allows us to deliver the state-of-the-art features you’ve come to expect from the CustomerCount platform.

Innovation comes directly from our customers

New “Ideas” are also a key destination along our roadmap to innovation.

Not content to simply be the leader in feedback management, we also work to introduce new ideas into your conception of how effective feedback management can benefit your entire organization.

For example, we’ve teamed up with Noble Systems and introduced “gamification” into our arsenal of tools.  Gamification is the application of elements typically found in video games (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity.  Finding it difficult to keep your customer service staff engaged and motivated? Try applying gamification features to your workplace and watch your employees compete to provide superior customer service with a new sense of fun and excitement!

Being a cloud-based platform, you may not associate CustomerCount as being an innovator in the area of “devices”.

If so, then you may not be aware of our innovations towards putting real-time feedback tools literally in your customer’s hands.  The Onsite Service Request tool does just that.  By combining smart phone technology with our CustomerCount feedback management platform, customers can not only communicate with you in real-time, their comments and requests are immediately routed to the person within your organization best suited to fulfill the customer’s needs.

These three examples are but a small sample of the innovations under constant development here at CustomerCount.  Our days begin and end with the simple question “how can we make CustomerCount the valuable feedback management tool our clients deserve?”.

If you have an idea or feature that you’d like to see incorporated into the CustomerCount system, simply reach out. After all, your feedback fuels our innovation.

To find out more about our recent innovations in text analytics, gamification and our Onsite Service Request tool and how they can help your product and service innovation, contact Bob Kobek on 317-816-6000 or [email protected].

About Yuri Duncan

Yuri Duncan is an award winning filmmaker and president of Buchanan Creative Solutions, LLC – a video production company specializing in producing affordable and effective videos. His skills and accomplishments as an artist and leader are what drive him to provide high quality services through Buchanan Creative Solutions.

With a proven record in design, illustration, animation, editing, and management, Yuri oversees all projects, no matter how large or small, to ensure the end-result fulfills your vision.

About CustomerCount

CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting and detailed dynamic data gathering capabilities. It supports process improvement efforts, builds customer loyalty and improves ROI. CustomerCount was initially designed for the hospitality and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries. Follow them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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