WRAP Spotlight on Howard Bendell

By Georgi Bohrod/RRP WRAP Partner
Principal/GBG & Associates

When CustomerCount launched WRAP (Worldwide Research Analytics Program), the first member of the coalition to join with Mobius Vendor Partner (MVP) Associates was Howard Bendell, RRP.

CustomerCount’s cloud-based customer feedback management system teamed with Howard to provide in depth qualitative analysis to complement the robust quantitative reports of the data captured within CustomerCount’s consumer feedback platform.

With more than a quarter century of vacation ownership and real estate focused experience, Bendell is actively involved in the development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, new programs and products, and manages industry and consumer-based research efforts.

Highly regarded in the timeshare/hospitality industry for his work with KPMG, AMEX, Interval International and Laventhol & Horwath, Howard has all the credentials and expertise necessary for this brilliantly informed view of data and text analytics. The WRAP reports present the information necessary to formulate conclusions and offer strategic recommendations regarding intelligent, tactical, and appropriate responses.

About CustomerCount and WRAP

CustomerCount’s product is well designed and powerful, delivering essential data to clients throughout the life of the member/owner. Howard’s WRAP insights build on this information interpreting the data and putting it into context qualitatively.

The WRAP coalition is a key group of industry professionals organized by CustomerCount’s creator, Bob Kobek, to continue enhancing the basic website survey tool which measures NPS (Net Promoter Score) and the customer experience. Each of my fellow WRAP constituents is available through CustomerCount to continue to bring expanded services to participating CustomerCount survey clients.

I’m proud to be a part of this group along with Howard Bendell RRP (Qualitative Analysis), Emily Collins, EVC Marketing (Digital Marketing), John Locher RRP, Locher & Associates (Membership/Ownership Engagement/Business Development) and Carlos Marchi SMEI, CME, CECP, EVP Mexico and Latin America, CustomerCount (Contact Center Compliance).

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