Americans’ top customer service complaints

While scrolling through the plethora of Yahoo articles that normally are a waste of time, I came upon one that was extremely relevant today.  We always hear how people experience horrible customer service for one reason or another.  Turns out that this is happening way too often and Consumer Reports has done a study to identify the top reasons for horrible customer service.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans have dealt with customer service for one reason or another during the past year, according to a recent survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center, and the experience is often frustrating. Half of those surveyed reported leaving a store within the past year without making their intended purchase because of poor service; 57 percent were so steamed that they hung up the phone while talking to a customer service representative without a resolution. Women were more annoyed than men, as were those under age 45.

Customer Service Complaints

Issue Percentage of Respondents
Can’t get a human on the phone 75
Salesperson is rude or condescending 75*
Disconnected 74
Disconnected and unable to reach same rep 71
Transferred to representative who can’t help or is wrong 70
Company doesn’t provide—or hides—customer service phone number 68
Long wait on hold 66
Many phone steps needed 66
Repeatedly asked for same information 66
Proposed solution was useless 65
Salesperson ignored me 64
Unsure whether on hold or disconnected 62
Can’t speak with a supervisor 62
Phone menu doesn’t offer needed option 61
Voice-recognition system works poorly 61
Sales pitch for unrelated goods or services 60
Salesperson is too pushy 60


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