Why Not Ask Follow-up Questions on Customer Feedback Surveys?


Why Not Ask Follow-up Questions on Customer Feedback Surveys?
By: Marc E. Carlson, RRP
CustomerCount© Business Relationship Manager

Why don’t the majority of customer feedback surveys that I complete ask a follow-up question based on my responses? I guess the soliciting organization is fine with knowing I scored their call center representative a two on a scale of one to ten and is willing to move onto the next question. I would think that organization would inquire about why I gave that particular call center representative a score of two. They rarely do. Not truly understanding a low ranking behind a customer’s answer puts the organization at a disadvantage when you look at closing the loop on customer feedback. There is a missing piece of information. All they are left with are generalizations. Organizations conducting any type of customer feedback program should have the capability of asking additional questions in what I term as a “deep dive.” What better way to fully understand what the customer liked or disliked about that particular experience.

CustomerCount© built this “deep dive” function into its platform empowering our clients to gain more strategic information right from the customer. This function helps uncover the root of the customer’s comments. The more customer data you receive on a certain type of touch point, the more you can segment data. This practice is extremely helpful in categorizing the level of loyalty you have with that customer. If you do not have this capability in your survey program, you should find a vendor that can perform this valuable function. I bet you will even learn a couple of new things from your customers by incorporating the follow-up question within a true customer feedback system.

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