Build Brand Awareness with Customer Surveys


Build Brand Awareness with Customer Surveys
By: Marc E. Carlson, RRP
CustomerCount© Business Relationship Manager

How many times have you taken a survey and the company soliciting your feedback barely mentions their name (if at all) on the survey form or thank you page? I bet a lot. In the last week alone, I received three customer feedback surveys from well -known organizations and aside from the email invitations, I could not see any reference to their brand except when mentioned in a question.

Branding your firm when surveying your customers should not be taken lightly. The consumer has already interacted with your organization in some fashion so there is already a bit of affinity in the mind of the consumer. You can build on that by incorporating your organization’s slogan or tag line in the invitation. Also, make sure the email invitation is delivered in a timely basis so the consumer can remember what transpired in that last interaction with an employee of yours.

Once you get the consumer to the actual survey, display your organization’s logo and use its color schemes to strengthen your brand awareness. Depending on the survey vendor you use, there can be a lot of flexibility designing the survey page from using a variety of colors, multiple font types, images and size parameters. Think of the survey as one part gaining business intelligence and one part marketing for future spends.

After the survey has been submitted, reinforce your brand again on the Thank You page. This page not only gives you the freedom to position your brand again, it allows you to drive the consumer to a specific page on your website. Or, position a marketing message for a new product just out or coming to the market place soon. The overall goal in delivering a strong customer feedback experience is to condition the consumer for purchasing more of your product in the future and to tell all their friends they should do the same. So when in doubt, brand yourself.

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