Collaborate Your Way to Engagement


Collaborate Your Way to Engagement
By: Robert A. Kobek, RRP

In the contact center environment especially, both BPO and enterprise, as a rule, the KPI matrix is still designed around arbitrary monitoring and the agent disposition of the call. Quality Assurance is still guess work and rather than work toward a goal of gaining some consensus between the agent and the customer, the contact center continues to use the same processes for accountability that were used 30 years ago, just using technology to give a quicker snapshot of performance with a goal toward improvement. That would be process improvement, not customer satisfaction improvement which all too often are viewed as counterproductive.

Do we ask the customer about their experience and then match that up with how the agent dispositions a call? All too often, not.

There is no real, clear definition of engagement and what it means “on the floor”. By asking your customer what they think about a telephone experience, you can actually collaborate with them and your contact center to become more engaging.

Engagement is about collaboration, collaboration is all about consensus, and consensus is all about loyalty which is all about the customer, not your processes.

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