Product Innovations to Enhance How You Measure and Manage Customer Feedback

It’s been an exciting few months at Mobius Vendor Partners as we’ve announced several new product innovations and updates to our CustomerCount platform. 

At Mobius Vendor Partners, we are continuing to innovate, improve our products and find more ways to strengthen our customer feedback management tools.

Below is a summary of new features available on our CustomerCount survey platform.

Communicate Directly with More Customers

Our first new product feature expands the number of customers you can communicate with directly through our survey platform.

Previously, our platform allowed you to communicate directly with a customer whose survey response generated a low score alert to help quickly address and remedy any customer concerns.

Our new feature allows you to communicate directly with ANY survey respondent based on criteria you determine, not just based on low scores.

For example, this new tool would allow you to easily respond to a customer who gave you a high score in a certain area or who mentioned a specific service or offering.

Enhanced Survey Preview

We’ve also added a new “Customer Preview” feature to our Survey Preview offerings that allows our clients to see their surveys exactly as they are presented to the customer.

This also includes the ability to see the “Thank You” page that customers see at the end of their survey.

These new features were added based on feedback we received from our clients about how to strengthen our products and improve our customer feedback management.

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