Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro!

Our Executive Consultant and Employee Experience subject matter expert, Mike Hill just returned from trekking Mount Kilimanjaro.

While away, Mike realized that there are some similarities between what a hiker experiences while attempting Kilimanjaro and what Employee’s Experience in their day-to-day work.

Mike will share his thoughts in the coming editions of our newsletter First Friday.

It all starts with a goal, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, or in the employees’ case, what needs to be accomplished (let’s say in the next 30-60 days)? I find that s.m.a.r.t. goals help for clarification.

S – Specific

What do you want to accomplish?

In the case of Kilimanjaro, we needed to consistently trek high and higher for 5 days to be able to attempt the summit climb on day 6.

For your employees’ goal, be careful not to get too broad and instead think about a specific area of focus.

M – Measurable

How will you know when you accomplished your goal?

In the case of Kilimanjaro, it’s obvious when you each UHURU PEAK 19,341’

For your employees, make sure their goals are measurable by adding details, metrics, and performance indicators, anything you can give an objective measurement to.

A – Attainable

How can the goal be accomplished?

In the case of Kilimanjaro, it’s daily accomplishments. Did we reach our pre-determined altitude for that night’s campsite?

For your employees,  consider splitting the goal into smaller steps that when accomplished show that the employee is on the right track and pace to achieve the goal.

R – Relevant

Will the goal meet your short- and long-term needs?

In the case of Kilimanjaro, it’s very personal. No one cares as much about reaching the summit as you do. More than likely your short-term goal is to get physically fit and training for Kilimanjaro will surely accomplish that.

For your employees, do their goals align with your company’s goals, mission, and vision? Both the employee and management must be on the same page to make sure the goal(s) are relevant.

T – Timely

When will the goal be accomplished?

In the case of Kilimanjaro, you leave to fly home on day 7 so the summit attempt on day 6 is a “hard” date.

For your employees, any goal given to an employee must have an  assigned deadline. Time-bounded goals ensure that actionable steps can be tracked for goal accomplishment.

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