Introducing Mike Hill

Mike Hill, previously announced as a WRAP partner, has now joined Mobius Vendor Partners (MVP) to help in the design of a new component in CustomerCount, an MVP designed leading cloud-based feedback management system which captures, measures and reports data.

Bob Kobek, President and CEO of Mobius Vendor Partners said “I first became aware of Mike through his excellent book, Measuring to Manage. Measure to manage has been a cornerstone in the MVP philosophy and it was serendipitous that he is based right here in Indianapolis”.

Mike advised: “The new effort, E/X (Employee Experience), is based on a very critical element in business today, measuring the employee experience. Are they productive, happy, loyal and if not, why not?

With so many variables and activity in the life cycle of an employee, knowing how employees feel and what they think should be a focus of every business”

Bob confirmed that “Mike is working with us to establish measurement matrixes to use in employee evaluation as an add-on to our existing clients’ service”.

“Our customer feedback solution, CustomerCount, provides clients with enterprise feedback, reports and measures experience. Our technology platform helps employers who wish to measure employee engagement and gauge responses to increase team productivity.”

“The new CustomerCount element will also be available to new clients”

Employee Experience CX + EX equals Success!

Mike’s real-life programs have resulted in significant growth to organization such as family-owned companies, not-for-profits and publicly traded companies.

Mike says “The employees and teams that i work with become more engaged which makes them more productive”.

Mike is an adjunct professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and a Birkman Method Professional.


CustomerCount was created in 2007 by Mobius Vendor Partners, the renowned business process design, management and performance improvement company.

Customer Count was originally designed to improve customer experience within three segments: Sales experience, Contact experience and Product experience.

Since then, the acceptance of the platform has been widespread within the hospitality, health, contact centre and education sectors.

Measuring the Employee Experience is the latest addition to the robust survey solution.

CustomerCount collects, measures and reports feedback through branded, customised online surveys. It also measures the quality of th customer experience in more than 40 languages. CustomerCount feedback systems may be integrated into most any customer interaction ranging from point of original contact to post-trip experience and every touch point in between.

CustomerCount is planning to fully launch the E/X measurement tool in Q3.

For more information contact [email protected]

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