Bob Kobek chats with Mike Hill: Measuring to Manage

Why You are Losing people!

Employee Experience and Measuring to Manage

The percentages of your employees leaving within the next 12 months. Why?

By Mike W Hill MBA Executive Consultant EX, MobiusVP LLC

As Companies return to some sort of in office – remote office balance, many employees are deciding not to return to the current place of employment, or after returning,, will give their notice during the next few months.

And of course, we, as Company leaders, with the accountability of profit, need to know more than just want to know. In any case, the need to measure the employee experience, honestly and confidentially, is more critical now more than ever. And likely will be for quite some time.

Employee Experience

Mike Hill has created a short white paper outlining the key reasons why staff may leave your organisation:

  1. A Lack of Career Development programs
  2. A Lack of Good Work Life Balance
  3. Poor Management Behaviour
  4. Compensation and Benefits

For further details watch the chat with Bob Kobek and Download the White paper.

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