Happy 21st Birthday Mobius Vendor Partners

To be 21 again!

How many times have we wondered whether we would like to be young again?

In the words of Mark Twain: “Youth is wasted on the young”, and to that, we say, well, sort of true.

On November 9, 1999, Mobius VP, LLC was officially and formally launched. It is a 21-year-old process improvement design, deployment and management consulting firm. In the past 21 years, we have gained professional services and added them an already very competent group of professionals.

Ranging from the contact center industry to all phases of customer journey mapping and measuring, Mobius VP, LLC is very proud to be in the 4% of businesses that last more than 10 years.

Our cornerstones of Assessment, Design, Deployment and Management are still the most precise and honest way of determining the best possible solutions, and our resources as a management firm are unlimited.

Thank you, MVP clients and friends. It has been a wonderful 21 years and we are excited to head into year 22 with the same passion to enhance our intellectual property as we have always demonstrated.