The future is here with Onsite Service Request

by Yuri Duncan, WRAP Partner and CEO Buchanan Creative Solutions

The year 2020 is here, and the future is NOW! We may not have the flying cars and jetpacks promised in past visions of the future, but technological advancements in the hospitality industry are just as promising.

Current technology trends and the speculative visions of how the person of the future engages their hospitality experience straddles the line between science fiction and science fact.

Imagine the future

The guest of the future has made their booking arrangements via their smart device, a process that took little time as the hotel brand has stored the guest’s preferences based on past activity.  The same smart device provides keyless entry into their room, and the room’s artificial intelligence greets them by name. 

The room then asks for temperature and lighting preferences, as well as any music or television activation requests.  The guest puts away their smart device, as many of the items in the room are smart devices themselves.

The windows themselves are digitized glass, and the guest requests they go dark for privacy.  That is until they remember that the big game is on, and the window transitions into one giant television screen.  The guest activates the room’s AI with a request for room service and settles in for a night of personalized relaxation. 

The future is now

That description may sound like the world of the future, but many of these elements are either already in use in many hotels, or are in development for use soon.  Again, the future is now.

Although this technology is just over the horizon, there are many things you can do to advance your guest experience into the 21st century.

Many players are currently operating in this space, catering to both small and large vacation properties. After some configuration on the part of the property, guests may use the app to:

  • Check-in or out;
  • Order room service;
  • Make reservations at onsite restaurants;
  • Engage the concierge and their services;
  • Explore onsite events;
  • Order poolside services;
  • Communicate with the front desk;
  • Request in-room services;
  • And so much more.

Onsite Service Request

One such app-based service is the Onsite Service Request (OSR) offered by CustomerCount®. The OSR “puts the power of instant customer service directly into your guest’s hands, allowing you to receive real-time alerts and meet their needs anywhere and at any time!”

When a property integrates the OSR into their processes, the guest experience is elegant in its simplicity:

  • The guest invokes the app by using their smartphone to scan their in-room personalized QR code;
  • The app provides service request options, customized to the property;
  • An email alert immediately notifies resort personnel of the guest’s request; and
  • The appropriate property staff responds promptly.

This system also allows you to collect guest preferences for future use.  As mentioned above, understanding the guest’s preferences is the key to personalization and providing a unique experience.

CustomerCount also allows for the integration of the data collected via the Onsite Service Request application into the data collected within their pre-arrival and post-stay surveys. Developing a guest experience cycle that includes the following elements maximizes both current and future experiences:

  1. Pre-arrival surveys;
  2. An application, such as the Onsite Service Request, for use during the stay; and
  3. Post-stay surveys.

Employing simple approaches like the one prescribed above allows you to advance your back-of-the-house operations fully into the 21st century without investing a large amount of time or money.

If you’d like to explore this sort of customer experience strategy and others like it, contacting CustomerCount is a great way to get started. Their in-house expertise and resources, combined with their strategic partnerships, provide you with the level of thought-leadership necessary to keep up with current and future trends in maximizing your guest’s experience.

About Yuri Duncan

Yuri Duncan is an award winning filmmaker and president of Buchanan Creative Solutions, LLC., a video production company specializing in producing affordable and effective videos. His skills and accomplishments as an artist and leader are what drive him to provide high quality services through Buchanan Creative Solutions.

With a proven record in design, illustration, animation, editing, and management, Yuri oversees all projects, no matter how large or small, to ensure the end-result fulfills your vision.

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