John Locher – WRAP partner and timeshare Olympian

By Georgi Bohrod, RRP

WRAP (Worldwide Research Analytics Program), is specially tailored to address clients’ strategic and tactical priorities. And who better to drill down into the intricacies and analysis than John Locher, RRP, founder of Locher & Associates.

John is a fellow member of WRAP and seasoned timeshare professional. His firm, Locher & Associates is a project services company specializing in lifecycle marketing including customer acquisition, engagement, retention and efficiencies, plus timeshare industry vendor solutions, and business development.  

With his broad and comprehensive knowledge of customer engagement priorities,  John is the ideal professional to educate our marketplace about all the tools and analytical benefits that CustomerCount® provides for making informed decisions that add to profitability.

When Bob Kobek told me he was launching WRAP, a detailed qualitative analysis program combining touchpoint sentiment and accuracy with industry expertise and insights, I suggested he speak with well-known industry consultant, John Locher

John Locher, WRAP Partner

CustomerCount’s WRAP is specially tailored to address client’s strategic and tactical priorities, particularly those derived from feedback and surveys. The subscription-based service takes customer feedback to a new level, offering the expertise necessary to formulate conclusions and offer operationally based recommendations oriented to improve service efficiencies and drive profitability.

WRAP clients are finding value with the integration of information in marketing, sales, and reservation measurement.  Others are receiving valuable data that measures and reviews their NPS (Net Promoter Score), housekeeping checklists and even branding consistency.  Text messaging is also convenient on the robust CustomerCount platform which is available in 40 different languages.

Who is John Locher?

So, this brings me back to John Locher and his  wealth of experience in the vacation industry.  Well-known for his role as one of the founders of, where he was instrumental in growing the rental and resale marketplace to over 1.5 million registered users (now 2.6 million), John has played a role with many major organizations within the industry. 

As he continues to represent software and hospitality  companies such as Katana, he has expanded his role to work with Mobius Vendor Partners to both promote CustomerCount and support the analytical component of the WRAP program. His presence in our coalition shores up the pillars of Membership/Ownership Engagement and Business Development. Since 2001, John has been an evangelist for timeshare.

He’s worked for solutions to bridge developer needs with owner wants, and it hasn’t always been easy. As a founder of, online rentals and resales transparency were not completely embraced. Locher actively contributed to numerous ARDA initiatives, including helping craft the Timeshare Resale Model Act, and participating on the New Business Model, Consumer Education, Meetings and Technology committees.

As of late, John has been a producer of D2C eCommerce Springboard events throughout the US and is promoter of online radio programming in the Pacific Northwest.

When John is not busy in his “day job” he is an avid Olympic supporter. After being a manager for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, John travels to every Summer Games, and Tokyo 2020 will be his tenth.

In addition to John and I, the WRAP coalition is comprised of Howard Bendell RRP (Qualitative Analysis) , Carlos Marchi  (Contact Center Compliance and EVP of Mexico and Latin America for CustomerCount) and Emily Collins, EVC Marketing  (Digital Marketing). 

Along with our commitment to CustomerCount’s Enterprise Feedback System, we bring together each other’s expertise to support each other and our clients.

About CustomerCount

CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on requested updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Developed and managed by Mobius Vendor Partners, CustomerCount was initially designed for the timeshare and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries. 

For more information, request a demo or call Bob Kobek on 317-816-6000.  You can also follow them on their blog, on Twitter or Facebook.

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