Why Another Newsletter


Why Another Newsletter
By: Robert A. Kobek, RRP, President


I receive several online newsletters every day from various sources, some of those sources I do business with, others mildly interesting and the bulk of them just down right intrusive and nothing germane about them (to me).

Why is this newsletter any different? Other than the fact that it comes from us, we intend to create meaningful content that is useful to you, and perhaps from time to time create some controversy.

We are all about providing insight into the key elements that provide growth to your business and in future issues we hope to demonstrate the importance of capturing information that is actionable. Indicators such as:

 Quality
 Customer Engagement
 Customer Enhancement
 Customer Loyalty
 Process Improvement
 Workforce Management
 Training Needs

And as much information as we can provide for you that you might get elsewhere but don’t have the time to look.

It is about the money! It is about how you can touch customers and prospects for less than $0.25, gain meaningful feedback and leverage the information to gain efficiencies in such a way that they are accountable.

Of course, you may not want to know in which case, good luck. While your competitors are paying attention and you are asleep at the switch, wondering why and what happened to your loyal customers they will be passing you by like a golf ball sitting in a fairway after a short drive.

So what? The real “so what” is that we fully intend to make this regular communication to you with the sincere hope that you will engage, take us on, agree or disagree, give us feedback (after all, that is the business we are in).

About Customer Count:

Customer Count is a flexible customer feedback solution providing intuitive real time reporting, fast turnaround on updates, detailed and dynamic data gathering with comprehensive reporting for process improvement and customer loyalty to improve your bottom line.

CustomerCount is a feedback system, it is online and it is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

It is robust; it is a platform that becomes your platform, assuming you want to hear what is being said about you by your customers and prospects before it hits Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. It is also a method of measuring performance, quality and training, as well as compliance and employee satisfaction.

And it is SaaS, making it easy to use, easy to get into and easy to stay with not capital outlay and nothing to install. IT groups like it because it requires little of their time, unless of course yours is the IT group that believes they can “build it themselves”, which requires management and more cost.

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