It’s Easy Peasy!


It’s Easy Peasy!
By: Robert A. Kobek, RRP, President

You just joined a new company to lead an initiative that has been struggling for years. Then, the starter’s gun goes off and just like that, you are off and running!

Or are you?

I have noticed a lot of chatter on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other sites about the relationship between new leaders getting imbedded into old cultures. There are a lot of opinions about the responsibility of the organization, and some about the responsibilities of the new leader once that leader has been brought on.

You have to study the culture, the culture has to study you and then somewhere in the process the three types rear their heads: The nemesis, the supporter and the “whatever” personalities. And almost in that order these distinct types begin to appear and attempt to frame your path. It is called “Boss Training”, and whether or not you are a leader when you come in, you risk being a follower.

Leaders manage but managers do not necessarily lead. There are all sorts of intellectual approaches that delve very deeply into the question. I have one: The next time you are interviewing for a leadership position in a company, ask two more questions. Simple ones really.

“Is your culture primarily one that is process driven or relationship driven?”
“Are you hiring me to lead or manage”?

Find out up front, before you take a job.

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