Identifying Problematic Areas From Customer Surveys


Identifying Problematic Areas From Customer Surveys
By: Marc E. Carlson, RRP
CustomerCount© Business Relationship Manager

How do you know if there are issues with a particular area of your business unit if your survey provider doesn’t alert you? Internal users of customer intelligence are inundated with a massive amount of statistical information accumulated from customer feedback surveys so where do you begin? Hopefully, you can export that data into an excel document that would then allow you to highlight a cell containing a result below your minimum threshold. This could be very time consuming depending on the number of questions in your company survey that has a direct impact on your area. So, the question to ask yourself is what more can your survey provider do to help you narrow a search focusing on low scores. Does your survey program highlight scores that fall below your predetermined acceptable levels? You never know until you ask.

Highlighting scores that have fallen below a predetermined acceptable level is a feature that CustomerCount© clients find to be very useful. Once you identify the highlighted low score area, you then can begin to conduct research on a particular survey or review a date range to determine if there is a common problem related to a specific interaction with your company. Getting to the root cause of issues with your organization can uncover areas to address with your product or service delivery model. To that, you have to understand what exactly is driving that unfavorable experience. Continue to drill down on those unacceptable or highlighted figures and take a look at a sample of surveys that scored a certain touch point to your organization below standards. You should be able to determine where the issue starts and who is responsible for addressing this dissatisfaction with the customer. As you continue your analysis and nearing the reporting phase, make sure you highlight the problematic areas to see if your changes to the process have made a positive impact on results.

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