Got Enough Data On a Question? Make a Change.


Got Enough Data On a Question? Make a Change.
By: Marc E. Carlson, RRP
CustomerCount© Business Relationship Manager

Is it time to revisit your existing survey and determine if if it needs to be tweaked? From time to time customer survey questions should be reviewed to determine if you have compiled enough data on that question or simply change things up a bit so the survey does not come across as stale to repeat customers. Some managers of customer feedback programs believe change should come after a certain period of time. Others consider a change to survey questions when a certain level of data has been accumulated. . Remember, you can refresh a question by asking it a different way or use an alternative question type.

When discontinuing a question, make sure that your customer feedback solution can archive the historical data in order to retrieve that information when the need arises. This way, you can revert back to the historical data when needed or have the question ready to use again in the future. As for populating a new question into your survey, this task should be relatively easy for your survey vendor and not subject you to an additional invoice. CustomerCount clients experience no interruption in their survey process when we make these changes. Changes are generally made within one business day of their request depending on the time we receive such a communication from a client. We also do not charge for such an amendment to the client’s customer feedback solution that we are managing for them. Why would we? It is part of doing business with a program that must change with the times.