Ah, the Aroma


Ah, the Aroma
By: Robert A. Kobek, RRP, President

“If You Can Smell Yourself Other people have smelled you for 3 days” – Arkansas folk talk.

If your customers are ticked off at you, it will be posted on Facebook and/or Twitter, and all the rest of the world will know before you do. That is a shame. Millions of people are made aware of your company’s short falls and flaws within minutes and you may fix the problem but the smell is already there and cannot be quickly eliminated. And, you can’t mask it, hide it or cover it up.

All along there was a cleanser close by, one that yes has the perception that it costs money, but keeps you clean and approachable. It is called “customer feedback”:http://www.customercount.com. Sometimes, perception is not reality. Sometimes the perception of cost is overruled by reality where profit is concerned.

Sounds simple… but interestingly enough, we find there are entire industries that really don’t care or don’t want to know. Certainly there are exceptions but as a rule and at the risk of sounding too commercial, we have not had much success in some verticals selling our feedback system that, frankly, is a very inexpensive way to find out about problems before they reek and offers an inexpensive opportunity to contact your customers.

Customer feedback is a most valuable way toward process improvement, tracking Key Performance Indicator’s and improves loyalty, all that have significant and positive impact on the bottom line.

Ask your customers, and don’t stop asking your customers. Getting Tweeted or Face Booked about can be a good thing, and you control it. Don’t let a bar of soap get in the way!

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