Stepping over Dollars to get to a Nickel


Stepping over Dollars to get to a Nickel
By: Robert A. Kobek, RRP, President

A close associate of mine that is the EVP of all things call center for a very, very large publicly traded and global company has a mantra. He will never work for a company that does not view customer service as a profit center. And, it is surprising how many companies still view customer service as a necessary expense, almost an evil. It lives in the expense side of the ledger and offers both fixed and variable costs. So much has been written and preached and sometimes practiced about the profitability of customer service that it is almost the default position, but certainly far from the de facto.

The same is true of customer feedback. It is so often viewed as a necessary expense at the C-Suite level that more often than not, they pay little to no attention about how it improves the bottom line. They frequently disregard how it generates profit, new money, quickly and provides marketing opportunities that are both inexpensive and effective and generate opt in opportunities. Add the process improvement piece for all the Key Performance indicators and it is not hard to get to, ah yes, profit.

If you don’t value the revenue that is gained through online “enterprise customer feedback”: and the opportunity to gain actionable and immediate information, I have a question for you.

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