Why Are Companies Flocking to NPS


Why Are Companies Flocking to NPS
by: Matthew R. Morris
ISOM Manager, CustomerCount©

I was talking the other day with one of my colleagues about the NPS rating system and how we are seeing companies flock to it like seagulls flock to fresh bread on the beach. At one point in the discussion I wondered if it should be the end all question that companies base their decisions on.

There is no doubt in my mind that the NPS question is very valuable when measuring customer feedback for a company. Whether a person would recommend a company to their friends and family goes a great deal toward customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, I do not believe that it should be the one “magic bullet” for an Enterprise Customer Feedback program. Many of the times a person who receives a survey has had minimal interaction with the company in question. How can they be prepared to make a recommendation about a company that they know very little about? I know that I have to have had many interactions and feel confident about a recommendation before I would even mention it to my friends and family. What are your thoughts on this matter?