Being in the Know

Being in the Know
By: Marc E. Carlson, RRP
CustomerCount© Business Relationship Manager

When a customer has a bad experience with your organization, and they tell you so by completing a survey, they typically tell others during the course of the day. This information travels fast and can be damaging to your brand because many people will form an opinion of your organization based on that one individual’s recent experience. In this day in age where competition is fierce, wouldn’t you want to know of a problem as soon as possible?

At CustomerCount©, we send email alerts to key stakeholders when a survey response comes in that falls below a predetermined threshold of acceptability. We have found this feature to be of interest to our clients because it allows them to be proactive in making things right with the customer.

Email alerts are an efficient manner to push critical customer information to those that can address and own this situation. You can send alerts to one or many employees in your organization depending on your corporate structure. Within the alert, you have the customer’s name, contact information, and their completed survey so whoever contacts the customer can be informed about their last interaction with your organization. Having all that information in a concise format allows an organization to efficiently and swiftly address the situation with the goal of having that customer come back again.

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