Mobius Vendor Partners Receives Vacation Industry Award for Corporate Responsibility

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (March 15, 2023) –Mobius VP, LLC,  the Indianapolis-based business process firm that developed,  deployed and currently manages CustomerCount®,an online customer feedback system, has received the GNEX 2023 Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.

The award was presented at the 2023 GNEX Conferencein San Diego, CA on February 7, 2023 at the Hotel Del Coronado.

CustomerCount, created by MobiusVP,  collects, measures and reports customer feedback through branded, customized online surveys. These surveys are formulated to measure the quality of the customer experience in more than forty languages. CustomerCount feedback systems may be integrated into most any customer interaction ranging from point of original contact to post-trip experience and every touch point in between.

Bob Kobek, President of MobiusVP and CustomerCount celebrated the coveted award saying “At Mobius, social responsibility is not something we pay lip service to.  It is deeply engrained in our corporate culture.  Not only does this mission help build trust with clients, but it also helps us attract and retain team players and draw mission-aligned partners.  More than that,  it is simply the right thing to do. “

The reasons MobiusVP was accepted for this prestigious award was because of its ongoing and deep commitment to involvement with a wide swath of community, industry, national and global organizations, and philanthropic efforts.


Some of its community, philanthropic and service oriented endeavors include conducting pro bono survey services for such 502C(3) organizations as Christel House,and Children’s TherAplaywhere Sr. VP Lisa Kobekis Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The lengthy litany of MobiusVP’s  industry volunteerism includes a regular podcast called “Bobcast.” An integral part of the programming is the inclusion of the guest’s “Charity of Choice.”  Guests of theBobcastare encouraged to share something about the charity, their involvement and how viewers can get involved themselves. And no guest leaves without CustomerCount donating to their cause.

Mobius was also honored to be the first ever B2B Company to receive the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana.  Presented annually since 1996, the BBB International Torch Awards recognize companies throughout North America that maintain outstanding dedication to upholding ethical business standards and promoting trust in the marketplace.

About Mobius Vendor Partners

Founded in 1999, Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius) is a business process design, management and performance improvement company with personnel committed to excellence in assessment and deployment. We help our client organizations increase efficiency and effectiveness to gain positive, bottom line impacts.

About CustomerCount®

CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on requested updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Developed and managed by Mobius Vendor Partners, CustomerCount was initially designed for the timeshare and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries. For more information, visit www.customercount.comor call 317-816-6000. Follow them at;; on Twitter @CustomerCountor