“Champions are made in the off season.” – Steve Szabo

Mobius VP-Sponsored Triathlete Malachi Henry Gives an Update on Staying Ahead of the Game – in Sports and in Business – During the Off Season

The winter months can be equated with rest and relaxation, which is good and often needed. But it’s also a time to stay ahead of the game, both in sports and in business.

We checked in with Mobius VP-sponsored triathlete Malachi Henry to see how training was going in the off season. With triathlon competition coming to an end for the winter, we asked Malachi how he would be spending his downtime before races start up again in the spring. He laughed and said “Downtime? The real work is just beginning. Champions are made in the off season.”

This had us thinking a lot about business and how this concept relates. For Malachi, the off season is where the work is done. Competition season is where he fine-tunes and performs.

Post-competition, the first thing Malachi and his coach do is reflect. They look back on the performances and identify areas for improvement. What worked? What didn’t? They look at everything from workouts, nutrition, sleep, to overall health and wellness. The improvement plan is then put into place and execution begins.

The same goes for businesses. Where organizations have the greatest opportunity to develop strategic plans for growth is during economic downturns or slow business months. It’s when they adapt and invest or get left behind.

For Malachi, this means moving his workouts indoors… pool swims, trainer bikes and treadmill runs as snow takes over most of central Indiana. For an organization, it may mean investing in a new software, or tracking data and analytics more closely to make new strategic moves.

But why in the off season? Because change is hard. Setbacks are nearly inevitable with change and the time to experience growing pains is not during competition, or for business – when things are maintaining well.

For Malachi, his body may go through physiological shifts. For a business, they may risk financial health by making investments. But like Malachi, companies that take advantage of the “downtime” will be mentally and physically stronger than those who decided to rest.

Mobius Vendor Partners and Patients-Count© sponsor Triathlete Malachi Henry to highlight the importance of data, measurement and continual feedback in a triathlete’s training, competition, and overall wellness journey. For more information about Patients-Count, visit www.Patients-Count.com.

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